Our Story

Shield Fashion is a radiation protection products company. At the moment we offer home products that will protect you and your family from radiation caused by everyday devices like cellphones, laptops, microwaves, wifi etc.  In the future we will offer outdoor products like clothing and accessories that will allow us to enjoy the amazing technology without having to worry about radiation. 
During a time the world is changing and we all consume more screen time we must learn to dance with the waves. 

Shield Fashion are business partners with Swiss Shield®️. The brand name Swiss-Shield stands for globally unique patented high-tech textiles with exceptional material properties.

Swiss-Shield yarns, which are processed into textiles, ensure an efficient shielding of electromagnetic fields. Swiss-Shield Not only convinces by scientifically proven effectiveness but also meets the highest aesthetic demands. 

Swiss-Shield textiles are using advanced technologies according to a patented process. Organic cotton or polyester serves as the basis and with an ultra-thin monofilament made of silver and copper. This netting acts like a mirror that reflects the electromagnetic waves. Swiss-Shield textiles are easy to process just like common textiles (sewing, compression molding, lamination etc.)